SDL Testimonials
SDL Testimonials
101 Certification Introduction 2-Day Workshop: Micro Expressions, Body Language & Deception Detection

Steve Guilford (Inland Revenue Department Fraud Investigator, New Zealand)
[The program was] confirmation of some [known] issues, [while I also] learned others. Another bow to my interviewing arsenal.

Andrew Patterson (University of Otago, New Zealand)
I had the pleasure of attending Stu's four day "Micro Expressions, Body Language & Deception Detection" workshop (SDL 101 + SDL 202) in May 2013.

Stu has an uncanny ability to engage an audience and deliver complex material in a way that not only promotes understanding and learning, but also highlights the practical significance and application of the topic.

His knowledge is based on an in-depth understanding of relevant research and also, perhaps more importantly, practical and professional experience. There is a distinct dearth of experts in deception (and its detection) in New Zealand and it appears as if Stu is leading the field.

I would strongly encourage anyone interested in nonverbal communication and, in particular, deception to follow Stu's updates and get in touch with him to attend one of his workshops.

Royden McGee (Inland Revenue Department Fraud Investigator, New Zealand)
The FACS stuff very helpful for my job, [I'll implement the knowledge gained from the program] directly into my interviewing techniques. I'm in for 202.

Gregor McGregor (New Zealand Defence Force, New Zealand)
[From the program I now have] more detail on visual clues, particularly not to jump to conclusions and look for clusters not single indicators.

Chanell McGill (Senior Legal Secretary, New Zealand)
It was well presented Stu; thank you (again) Stu!! And NOW for the test ;-) Will be doing much more training; so see you! ;-)

Teresa Murrow-Wilson (Copy Editor, New Zealand)
Stu Dunn's Two-Day 101 Course on Micro-Expressions and Body Language was fantastic! It cemented my knowledge already gained from the online course, and it confirmed my interest in pursuing this subject further. The course was professionally executed, while maintaining a level of fun. I'll definitely be there for the next one - and hopefully with the same group!

Samit Desai (Telecom, New Zealand)
I would highly recommend Stu's 2-Day Program for anyone who wants to learn Micro Expressions, Body Language and Deception Detection. He gives detailed explanation about these along with tools and techniques on how to interpret them. Stu is a down-to-earth and approachable person who engages the audience very well with live examples in the workshop.
I am looking forward to Stu's next program.

Mayan Schraders (Counsellor, New Zealand)
What I found most useful is the large amount of training material, going through it together, and doing the exercises with others. By doing it together I learned to see a wider range of expressions which might be present. I also really liked the skills we developed over the weekend in identifying what different parts of the face were expressing. Even when an expression might not give away much, looking at those details provides interesting information. Having plenty of practical experience during the weekend really helps integrate the learning.

Michele Consalvo (Business Analyst, New Zealand)
This knowledge will help me to react more accurately to people and situations. 5 out of 5.

Carol Stine (Immigration / Customs, New Zealand)
[I will use this information in my] everyday and professional life.

Ben Maher (Vodafone, New Zealand)
Working in retail I will use the body language and micro expressions every day at work, but am more interested in using it to become more comfortable and receptive in social situations. I'm very interested in expanding my knowledge further in all aspects of the SDL course. 5 out of 5.

Katarina Needham (Psychology Student, New Zealand)
Awesome course! Would love to come back for the next level! 5 out of 5.

Zach Vickery (Criminology Student, New Zealand)
[This has helped me to] better understand people and intents. 5 our of 5.

101 Certification Introduction Online Program: Micro Expressions, Body Language & Deception Detection

Our Clientele: SDL has worked with people from New Zealand, Australia, United States, United Kingdom, India, Canada, Germany, Afghanistan, Portugal, Poland, Switzerland, Macedonia and Sri Lanka so far.

Ceilidh Ap-Farendar (United Kingdom)
I did an enormous amount of trawling through all that Internet had to offer regarding online courses within this subject matter, as it has long been a fascination of mine, & so to find the best possible for me was very important, before choosing to go with Stu, & I can very happily say that it was absolutely the best decision & that I have loved every second!

Stu's teachings are packed full of quality information that's easily accessible & that steer you through the process of learning how to look & listen, & to understand & apply what you're perceiving. If this is already easy for you, then you will hone your skills & add to them exponentially, & if it's not then you will have everything you need, & with all the feedback & support you require! It is a lot of work, but I managed to complete each module in approximately a fortnight, around a busy life & very limited Internet access, & you are actually allotted plenty more time than that if needed. Each assignment was marked & the new module sent remarkably quickly, within a few days at most, with relevant feedback each time so I never felt out of the flow.

Couple that with the remarkably inexpensive Course fee & you really can't go wrong.

From one very happy customer. Thanks Guys!!

Magdalena Rokicka (United States)
When you enroll in this course you need to prepare yourself that it is going to be a lot of work! You will get a massive amount of materials to go through, a lot of thinking and analyzing, hours spent in front of your computer watching different videos. It is a course that requires you to be devoted and systematical. It is all because Stu wants you to learn as much as you can!

The final test you take at the end is very difficult as well but then the feeling you get when you pass is worth all your efforts! The benefits of taking this course are infinite! Stu has proved that he is a great teacher and coach, always ready to give you the feedback you need!

Stu, I wish you all the best and thank you again for making my life easier! It was an absolute pleasure to be in your team!

John Dawson (United Kingdom)
I have thoroughly enjoyed the whole course, and I am now viewing interviews (on YouTube) and reality TV through completely new eyes. I have spent a lot of time reading books and trying to put that knowledge in to practice, but your course has given me a frame and a structure to work from. The way the course is structured has allowed me to focus and absorb each of the five channels of communication separately and progressively. I now feel I have more confidence and skill when assessing videos and interviews. I am aware that there is still a lot to learn, and I feel excited about continuing my learning. I have been impressed at the speed each module has been marked, and the next module given (always within 24 hours). Thank you once again Stu, you have provided an excellent course, and although it has felt challenging at times, I feel that I have learnt with ease.

Josiah Mendez (United States of America)
One of the best courses I've taken. Really gets to the point and is very direct. Very Engaging.

Michael Reis (Wyoming, United States of America)
This course for me is a dream come true! As someone who was known to be able to spot things before, it's only increased my ability and my understanding of what I'm seeing. As a self-defense instructor and tactical trainer and working security for the last 11 years I know the need for these courses! If you can spot "off" behavior or even just know your own triggers and emotions as they emerge you are doing yourself a huge favor! I'm very pleased and honored to be a part of Stu Dunn's programs and with his background and use of resources you can't go wrong! Thank you for providing these courses!

Kristina Noveska (Macedonia)
I would like to say thank you very much for the training. I must say that your program was an absolute pleasure to sit through. I gained a lot of knowledge which is very beneficial for me. Thanks for delivering such a great and fun program. I can't wait till the next one. You are really one of the greatest trainers I've encountered. Simply brilliant. :)

Jody Pirret (New Zealand)
I enjoyed my study very much, and was impressed by the learning material, how it was put together, your feedback, and your quick response to each module completed. Looking forward to learning more from you.

Lucas Turina (Portugal)
I've read quite a lot of books on the subject already but your program does what all books fail to do, it shows how to "use" your knowledge of nonverbal communication in every day life while all the books I've read just tell you about nonverbal communication and what different things mean, your program actually does that while at the same time making people a lot more aware of body language in every day life. Already I pick up a lot more because subconsciously, I'm now always switched on and looking for nonverbal/behavioural clues whereas before the program, even though I knew a lot already, I hardly picked up anything because I wasn't really looking, I was, just as Sherlock Holmes said, seeing but not observing.

Adrian Solis (Texas, United States of America)
To be honest I didn't expect this class to be as detailed. I LOVE IT!! So many things to talk about I don't know where to begin. This is the best material that I have run across so far and have recommended it to a few people. For the last 3 and half years I have been practicing identifying facial expression. Now that I have been learning body language and other techniques in interpreting what I see, I have sharpened my skill.

Thank you Stu very much for a program that is put together perfectly.

Michele Consalvo (New Zealand)
The micro expressions 101 course has made me more self aware and aware of others. I now am able to notice certain signals that I would have missed previously. This has allowed me more personal and professional freedom.

Stu is a great teacher and he provides lots of guidance and support. I highly recommend this course to anyone, as it will prove useful to anyone that will be around people at all in life, which is all of us!

Bridget McCleave (New Zealand)
Thoroughly enjoyed the Micro Expressions & Body Language Course! The course has helped me in my personal life, being more aware of the kids subtle expressions and body language. It has made a great impact in my job also, being able to tell when someone is more interested in a particular product and open to a sale etc. Thank you Stu for your advice and prompt answers to my many questions. I found Stu a pleasure to deal with, he is always courteous and helpful and very knowledgeable. Thanks :)

Dr. Svetlana Mamkina (Berlin, Germany)
The program is very very good, well structured. Being a Doctor in Math for me means it is always better when there is not too many extra words in study materials. And what is provided is just perfect.
I would actually like to take the time to thank you. I was very pleasantly surprised how well the course was organized. The modules were very well planned, easy to understand and to memorize. But what impressied me the most is amount of time and effort you put in to respond all my questions and giving all feedbacks, always in a detailed way. The personal approach is what makes you much more different from most of the courses and services. The knowledge received will be extremely useful not only in my work, but also in life. Thank you again

Mark Reid (Melbourne, Australia)
This courses will change the way you look at interacting with people. Stu's course explains in detail how to develop the skills of analysing and interpreting non-verbal language. As an IT Analyst this skillset has created a major improvement in the outcomes I can achieve from interactions with colleagues and customers. I now have the skillset which helps identify when someone I'm dealing with is having an issue they're not willing to discuss, or is being less than truthful with me. The online course combined with Stu's constant Facebook "what's this expression mean" challenges are allowing me to develop and strengthen this skillset at a pace that suits me.

Esther Hutchinson (New Zealand)
I chose to start this course as I had a long-term interest in human behaviour and body language and it was nice to be able to support my own countrymen in their business endeavours.
Since starting this course my awareness of how people react, their facial reactions and body movements has heightened immensely. I have found that my interaction and communication with others has improved tenfold. Being able to understand negative stances and how to create a positive reaction is invaluable.
This type of course would be worthwhile for anybody as communication is so important in all areas of life.

Teresa Murrow-Wilson (New Zealand)
I certainly have learned a lot so far {half way through the Online Program], and it's made a positive difference to me. E.g., I've challenged my husband on a particular facial expression he's given me for years - and up till now I've misread it. Also, I gave instructions to my 9-year-old and asked if he understood, and he said "no" while nodding "yes"!

Vicktorya Stone (New Zealand)
I'm half way through the course and loving it. My learning increases daily; this information opens up a new realm of understanding, whether for personal or professional needs. Stu Dunn has created the program to provide challenging exercises which are very achievable. He is always available for prompt and clear feedback, and the Facebook groups he's created allow for general public, or course-specific interactivity. I think this is invaluable, affordable training for anyone, no matter what reason you wish to develop this skill.

Stu Dunn Keynote Speaking

We had an awesome conference, and you were a highlight. What you highlighted seemed so easy, but as we found out when we tried to do some analysis of people when were out on the town, it is a highly skilled area. The way the feet were pointing was very interesting when observing people on the dance floor!

I thoroughly enjoyed your sessions and learnt that - body language isn't as easy as I'd thought and that I can recognise some expressions but get others completely wrong!

To read more about Stu's book; True Lies: A Guide to Reading Faces, Interpreting Body Language and Detecting Deception in the Real World, click here.

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